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What is Self-Monitoring?

Self-Monitoring is a simple and intuitive self-registration tool for mobile phones and tablets. It is intended primarily for use in the field of psychology and psychiatry, or other cases to obtain precise data concerning to events related to customers when they occur, what is also called an Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA).

With it, it is possible to record behaviors and thoughts at any time and place without arouse suspicion of the activity that is being carried out. It is therefore an effective alternative to pen and paper records.

Self-Monitoring, does not take any associated monthly charges and once downloaded it can be used as often as it is needed during the duration of the treatment.
You can create templates for your customers from your own mobile phone, computer or tablet, guaranteeing them the privacy of use of their own electronic device.

Benefit you and your customers of new technologies .
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It does NOT have associated monthly fees or minimum of usage


Free for Professionals!

Do you still not decide to leave the pen and paper? There are big advantages!

As a professional, you can configure a self-registration template even from your phone, computer or tablet.

You do not need to manipulate your clients devices. Simply send them an actionable file by email, from the same application.

The Self-Monitoring application, previously installed in the user mobile phone, will detect the actionable file when it is downloaded and it will configure the self-registration template, as you have designed it, automatically.

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