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Why should I choose Self-Monitoring?

With Self-Monitoring, everything is an advantage!

- Does not have monthly fees or minimum usage associated.
- Customize the templates to the fullest.
- Set up when you want to receive the records made.
- Send templates to your customer by email instantly.
- Receive responses in an orderly and visual format.
-Save time upon receipt of the data.
- Let your clients keep the exclusivity of usage on their own device.
- Create templates from phones, tablets and computers.

Grow professionally, improve your efficiency.

- Upgrade as a professional.
- Organize better the data received.
- Know exactly the date and time of completion.
- Provide a quality service.
- Economize work and energy.
- Avoid confusion.
- Get real time answers. 
- Add as many questions as you need.

Easy & Confidential to fill out.
There are no excuses any more!

- Provide additional information to help to completion.
- Adapt and restrict the answers.
- Filling out has never been so easy!
- Improve the Therapist-Client communication.
- Avoid suspicion while responding.
- Program an automatic data sending. There is no, ¡I left them at home! anymore.
- Facilitate its response at any time and place.


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